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Rho Phi 1848 Club

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Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation

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Joe Weist
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Terre Haute, IN 47807

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The 1848 Club was launched in 2017 to provide scholarships for brothers in need.  All money raised will be awarded to Rho Phi chapter brothers in the form of academic scholarships.

Our goals include:

  • Awarding nine $1000 scholarships each year to deserving brothers
  • Have at least 50 members of the 1848 Club by our 50th Anniversary in 2019
  • Begin the process of endowing permanent scholarships through the Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation

Members pledge to donate at least $18.48 per month (or $221.76 annually).

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  • An 1848 Polo
  • Recognition on the website
  • Recognition in newsletters
  • Thank you in Pig Dinner program
  • No cost registration for Pig Dinner ($50 value)
  • Other smaller benefits throughout the year

Current Members of the 1848 Club

Bill Miller (Indiana University 1962, Purdue 1996)

Timothy S. Harlan (Indiana State 1972, Rose 2008)




Gary W. Gladish (Rose 1970)

Steven C. Goble (Rose 1971)

Ronald R. Andrews (Rose 1974)

Dennis J. Paustenbach (Rose 1974)

James D. Tribble (Rose 1974)

Robert M. Bunch (Rose 1975)

Michael A. Huhnke (Rose 1975)

James D. Myers (Rose 1975)

Michael F. Nisbet (Rose 1975)

David J. Steinbock (Rose 1975)

R. Edwin Fain (Rose 1976)

Randal A. Ridgway (Rose 1977)

Paul M. Curtin (Rose 1980)

John P. Foley (Rose 1980)

Michael J. Schipper (Rose 1982)

Thomas C. Redford (Rose 1983)

Michael A. McKee (Rose 1984)

Jonathan T. Richardson (Rose 1984)

Brent L. Hendrix (Rose 1987)

Joseph A. Weist (Rose 1987, Evansville 2000)

Douglas A. Collier (Rose 1990)

Brian J. Sullivan (Rose 1992)

Mitchel R. Deckard (Rose 1993)

Todd R. Hubbell (Rose 1996)

Andrew E. Horton (Rose 1997)

Aaron M. Weishaar (Rose 1997)

Wesley J. Bolsen (Rose 2000)

Michael E. Dockins (Rose 2002)

Nathan P. Richter (Rose 2009)

Class of 2012

Andrew G. Eslinger (Rose 2013)

Michael Hallstein (Rose 2015)

Brian J. Soller (Rose 2015)

Ryan C. Dick (Rose 2016)

Tyler J. Rockwood (Rose 2016)

Lucas J. Kopecky (Rose 2017)

Jacob C. Whitacre (Rose 2017)